Vincent Schilling -AKA -The Native Media Dude

Vincent Schilling -AKA -The Native Media Dude

Akwesasne Mohawk of NY and Canada -
Executive Vice President of Schilling Media, Inc., A Native/Minority and Veteran Owned, Media Corporation in Virginia | Public Speaker | Radio Host | Book Author |
Journalist | TV and Film Producer
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It’s always amazing to see the White House




Don’t Think it Matters When You Throw Your Gum Onto the Ground? Stuck Hummingbird Begs to Differ

This is really important. Besides the fact that small animals can become stuck in gum larger ones often choke on it or have their mouths obstructed by it.

Humans may be able to pass gum through our systems but most small birds, reptiles, and mammals can’t. Gum looks and smells a lot like food to other animals and it can mean their demise if they try to swallow it. 

It only takes a few seconds to wrap your gum up and put it somewhere responsible, you could just save a life. 

I never would have thought gum of all things could fuck up a hummingbird. Guess it isn’t just gross- for the wrong critter it’s dangerous.

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Add a scritchity scratch and it’s #Chihuahua blanket heaven

I wrapped my little #Chihuahua Sophia in blankets & she hasn’t moved since…

The urban dictionary word of the day is “shoefie” a selfie of your shoes

#MeanMuggin #selfie with me and cast members of #SesameStreet DON’T (BLEEP) WITH US!

My #Chihuahua Sophia is amazingly confident


For no reason, I decided to bite off my thumb…no big deal

My little #Chihuahua Sophia loves her scratches.

Time for a #Chihuahua Yawn!

That’s Right… I have a BOOMIN’ SYSTEM! #Jealous?

These scary guys guard my desk…SO LOOK OUT

Happy National Dog Day!!

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